Lindsay McLeod

Lindsay is a self-proclaimed go-getter and is all about making life full, functional, and beautiful.

She developed her passion for design through renovating numerous properties with her husband Jason, also of GBL (Green Builders For Life) Construction. Having two small children of her own, she knows the struggle of keeping spaces organized while also having a well-designed home that reflects your style. There’s hope, we promise!

Lindsay is (extremely) detail-oriented and takes care of all the little things that are commonly forgotten about during the renovation process. Her design style is best described as simple, fresh, and timeless.

When Lindsay is not busy choosing between 6 shades of white, she coaches numerous sports, is extremely competitive (in a good way) and loves teaching, inspiring and empowering young females. A perfect day for Lindsay is being at the beach with her husband and kids at their family cottage.



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